The Oklahoma City Thunder take down the Utah Jazz

The Thunder-Jazz series may end up being the most exciting playoff matchup in the first round. Donovan Mitchell has overachieved all season and shows no signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook along with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony look to prove doubters wrong and make a lot of noise in the 2018 NBA Playoffs.

Paul George

In Game 1, the Jazz jumped out to an early lead but the Thunder quickly caught up and though it was fairly close throughout, the Thunder had a nice grip on this game for the most part. And the main reason for this was Paul George. He stepped up and became the player we were expecting to see since he was traded to OKC. George lit up the Jazz with 36 points on 8-11 shooting from deep. They had no answer for him. Most times, it seemed as if he was toying with his defenders. As a Thunder fan, it was a relief to see that Westbrook did not have to do it all by himself. If PG13 can do this more consistently and we can get more scoring (and some defense) from Carmelo Anthony, the Thunder can become a serious threat to the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.

It’s important to note that Russell Westbrook scored 29 points, 13 rebounds, and 8 assists. If you watched the game, you’d see that Westbrook doesn’t need to stat chase to get his numbers. He just wants the ball more than everyone else. As he’s said in the past, Spaulding (the basketball) is his only friend on the court. Whether he’s joking or not, he sure plays like it. I find it hard to believe Westbrook needs anyone to help him get stats when he tries harder than everyone on the court every second of every game. He is the best player in this matchup and the reason the Thunder will win.

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell looked like a 10 year vet in this game. You certainly couldn’t tell this was his first playoff game or that he is a rookie. He easily led the Jazz in scoring with 27 points and it’s clear they would not have stood a chance without his great play. I found myself wanting to root for him and the Jazz, and would have been if they were playing any other team except the Thunder. Mitchell hurt his toe during the game and was noticeably limping. The coach decided to pull him from the game to the guard’s dismay. He was visibly upset on the bench, exclaiming he was fine and can continue playing so the coach put him back in the game. He is the type of player everyone should want on their team and will quickly become one of the elite guards in the NBA. Don’t be surprised to see Mitchell continue his great play for the rest of Thunder-Jazz matchup.

I expect all of the games in this series to be fairly close; however, the Thunder have more star power and in the NBA this matters. My prediction is that the Thunder will win the series in 5 games, but it will be a very exciting 5 games as we got a nice taste in game 1.

What are your thoughts? Think the Thunder will win the series against the Utah Jazz? Or will the Jazz flip the script on them? Let me know.



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The Cleveland Cavaliers off to a rough start against the Indiana Pacers

Game 1 did not go as expected. I don’t think anyone believed the Pacers would blow out the Cavaliers except, maybe, the Pacers. In a game where the Cavaliers never led, Victor Oladipo and the Indiana Pacers clobbered LeBron James’ team in Cleveland.

From the very beginning of the game, there were major concerns for the Cavs. LeBron was held scoreless in the first quarter and Lance Stephenson (yes, I said it..LANCE STEPHENSON) appeared to be outplaying LeBron. Luckily, that didn’t last past the first quarter or else we would have to put GOAT debates to rest.

LeBron was able to bounce back and put up a triple double for the game. Unfortunately, he was the only Cavs player to bounce back. He literally had no help as his teammates missed shot after shot. That’s the problem with LeBron. His success, in terms of winning games, solely relies on whether or not his teammates can hit the open looks he provides for them. This was the game he needed to drop 50 for them to win. He has the talent to do so, but he refuses to put huge scoring numbers when he absolutely needs to. Jordan would have done it. Kobe would have done it. Even Allen Iverson would have done it. But enough about LeBron, let’s give credit to the team that deserves it.

Victor Oladipo

The Indiana Pacers looks as if there were a top seed in the East in this game. Victor Oladipo was absolutely unstoppable. I still find it unreal that he kept doing the same play over and over, and the Cavs had no game plan to stop it. Let me paint you a picture. Oladipo would go iso on his defender. He would pull the ball back almost to the half court line, then charge towards the defender. Most times the defender would retreat towards the paint, leaving Oladipo with an open jump shot – several times a three pointer. Other times the defender would stand his ground, but then Oladipo would just blow by him. The Pacers are not an elite team. An option could have been to trapped Oladipo so he would have to pass the ball. If you’re the Cavs, you want anyone else on the Pacers to beat you. If you take their only all-star out of the game you have a very good chance to win.

I’m pretty confident the Cavs will still win this series, and it will not go more than six games. Kevin Love will score more than nine points moving forward and Jeff Green will not be held scoreless again. Also, what’s up with Tristan Thompson only playing two minutes? Hopefully he is not getting punished for his off court transgressions. The biggest concern should be with the coaching, but I’ll save my thoughts on this topic for a separate blog post…

Do you think the Cavs will end up winning this series against the Pacers? Or will Indiana pull off the upset? Let me know your thoughts.

Till next time.


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The Cavs Top 5 Game Changing Players Not Named LeBron James

After watching the Cleveland Cavaliers absolutely dominate the Boston Celtics, I think we can all agree, LeBron haters included, that the Cavs are the favorites to come out off the East. Can they beat the Warriors? That’s a question I’m still not ready to answer.

It saddens me to say that I was one of the many who thought the Cavs, entering this season, would dominate all year long. I even thought that once Isaiah Thomas was inserted into the lineup they would become even more unstoppable. So the lesson we all learned from this is that, unfortunately, the NBA is not fantasy sports. You can’t just throw statistically great players on one team (key word: statistically) and expect for everyone to just automatically be on the same page and for everything to work out perfectly. Great teams typically have players with diverse skill-sets who even each other out once they get on the court. The Cavs had proven scorers, most of whom were exiting or already out of their prime, and unreliable defenders. At its worst, it’s a recipe for disaster. And we clearly saw it at the very worst.

With their most recent acquisitions, this looks like a whole new team. So let’s jump in. Here is my list of top 5 game changing players for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In fairness, since he is the greatest player on the planet, I’ve excluded LeBron from this list.

5. Cedi Osman


Who is this guy? I didn’t even know he was on the team till a couple days ago. Cedi Osman is the Cavs’ rookie from Turkey who was recently inserted into the starting lineup, though this likely won’t last for too long now that Rodney Hood is with the team. In Osman’s first NBA start, he put up 16 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. With his strength and speed, he’s shown he can be a capable scorer and playmaker while also being very aggressive on the defensive end.

If Osman gets playing time, he has shown he can make an impact on the floor. However, once Kevin Love is back from injury it’s very unlikely that Osman will be receiving any minutes at all. He probably knows this, so look for him to go all out as he continues to play this season. Keep this guy on your watch list in deep fantasy basketball leagues.

4. Jordan Clarkson


For the past couple seasons, I’ve considered Jordan Clarkson (when he was in LA) as the Marcus Smart of the West so acquiring arguably the best point guard off the bench in the league was a huge acquisition by the Cavaliers. He can do everything from hit the open 3, to drive and score or dish to the open teammate, and he can also defend. He will be the energizer bunny off the bench, which is huge since there are now a lot of “top heavy” teams in the league meaning that the bench usually consist of sub par players.

Jordan Clarkson will likely never be a consistent starting point guard in the NBA but he is clearly at his best when you look at him as the Lou Williams/ Jamal Crawford type who can come off the bench and completely change the game for the team.

3. George Hill


George Hill is the definition of efficiency in the NBA. He doesn’t try to do too much and never does too little. This is the type of guy that will work perfectly in a LeBron James-run offense. I know, Hill by no means is anywhere near the talent Kyrie Irving was for the Cavs but, hey, LeBron won two championships with Mario Chalmers as his point guard so I’m sure this can work.

One of the many good things about George Hill is that he is battle tested and has been through tough playoff match-ups when he was on the Indiana Pacers, which seems like forever ago. Don’t be surprised if we see Hill as a go to guy in the clutch whether it is defensively or on the offensive end. Hey, he’s done it before.

2. Rodney Hood


By far, the biggest acquisition the Cavs made by the trade deadline was getting Rodney Hood. Tyronn Lue should keep Hood coming off the bench but give him starters’ minutes. This way when LeBron needs to rest, Hood can go in and dominate, and then they can go ahead and bring him in the game in crunch time moments.

Rodney Hood is the Cavs’ closest next person to be able to go on the court and, efficiently create his own shot. The crazy thing is that he’s only getting better, which is why Coach Lue will likely have no choice but to place Hood in the starting lineup.

1. Kevin Love


Coming off of reports that teammates (aka Isaiah Thomas) was blaming Kevin Love for the Cavs’ struggles and deserting the team, I think it was a blessing in disguise that Love got injured. It really showed that he is a key component to this team. Before Isaiah Thomas came back from injury, Love was having his best stretch of games in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform. He was playing like the best power forward in the game (of course, not named Anthony Davis) and this was because the team had constant ball movement, allowing him to launch threes all game. And as Kevin Love does well offensively it gives him the momentum to be more aggressive and be a ball hog on the boards.

Kevin Love can most definitely demoralize another team when he starts to get it going offensively. It is unfortunate he quickly becomes the scapegoat whenever the Cavs’ play poorly but there’s a reason this team is still yet to trade him. Don’t forget, he was the man that defended unanimous MVP Stephen Curry one-on-one in the closing minute of game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, which resulted in the Cavaliers obtaining their first NBA Title and completing the best finals comeback in NBA history. Think this way, Love will be back and well-rested for the playoffs. Watch out.

This new Cavs team hasn’t even practiced yet. Once all become familiar with one another by the time the playoffs begin, this will be one of the scariest teams in the NBA. And it’s really because this team has depth, their young and athletic, and it’s clear who the go-to guy is. But, of course, to actually know you have to play the game so time will tell whether or not this team is the real deal.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my top 5? And is this team ready to make a run for the title?

Till next time,


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The Seven Deadly Sins is Pure Gold

After years of doubt on whether or not I should watch The Seven Deadly Sins, I finally gave in and binge-watched season 1. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but this show ended up being the best Anime I’ve watched in recent memory.


Let’s quickly examine each Sin (as they appear from left to right above):

Ban – The Sin of Greed, was convicted for destroying the Fairy King’s Forest and killing King’s sister, Elaine, who was in love with him. As a result, Ban was sentenced to death but was granted immortality by Elaine before she died. He is viewed as the Sin of Greed because of his greed for immortality.

Diane – The Sin of Envy, was labeled such after being framed for jealousy and then and killing her partner, Matrona, as well as 330 innocent knights when sent out on a mission. Diane was sentenced to death, which was then sabotaged by Meliodas.

Gowther – The Sin of Lust, gained this name after forcing the King of the Kingdom of Liones’ younger sister, Nadja, to commit vile sexual acts which resulted in her death. However, both were madly in love with each other and Nadja, while having a terminal illness, wanted to be with Gowther before dying in his arms. In distraught of her death, Gowther’s cries alerted guards who arrived and found Nadja’s dead body in Gowther’s arms.

Meliodas – The Sin of Wrath, the Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins, was given this sin after failing to save the Kingdom, Danafor, and its citizens’ as well as his love, Liz. Many believe he lost himself in his wrath and murdered the entire Kingdom. However, it is clear there is still a lot about Meliodas we have yet to learn.

Merlin – The Sin of Gluttony, reason for this label is currently unknown. Merlin is regarded as the greatest mage in all of Britannia.

King – The Sin of Sloth, is the King of Fairies who supposedly ended his friend, Helbram’s, life. Helbram was accused of mass murdering over a five hundred year span. King took the blame, which came close to sparking a war between humans and fairies. As a result, King was sentenced to imprisonment for a thousand years and was labeled the Sin of Sloth because he turned a blind eye to the murders committed by Helbram.

Escanor – The Sin of Pride, reason for sin is unknown. Escanor is known for gaining immense power during the day but becoming weaker as the sun sets.

With Escanor being the exception, we’ve gotten full introductions to the Sins in season 1 of the Anime and their battles have truly been fun to watch.


Once known for fighting together, the Sins were framed for the murdering Zaratras, the Great Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Liones. To avoid capture, Meliodas orders that they all go their separate ways. The Anime then begins ten years after the incident.

Throughout the season, the Sins are practically viewed as celebrities and terrorists as the mention of the Sins either excites people or brings about fear.


It all  begins with Princess Elizabeth unknowingly stumbling onto Meliodas as she is in search of The Seven Deadly Sins to liberate Liones, which is her Kingdom, from the Holy Knights. Meliodas makes it his sole purpose to help and protect Elizabeth while in search for the remaining Sins before they go to Liones.

Each Sin introduced is exciting in his or her own right and, best of all, their personalities and physical abilities are so uniquely different from one another.

Meliodas, who has become my favorite character, appears to be the glue that holds everyone together. He’s strong and compassion at the same, which reminds me a lot of Naruto Uzumaki. It will be quite the scene once Meliodas fully unleashes his demonic power on some poor soul.

Once the Sins arrive to the Liones, many amazing battles ensue. And though they looked unstoppable for most of the season, Meliodas and his team were put to the test towards the end.

Overall, this Anime is a must watch. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you know what to do. The biggest question now is, when are we getting season 2?! If anyone has updates regarding this please let me know.

Let me know your thoughts. Would this rank high on your favorite Anime shows to watch?

Till next time,


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Top YouTube Gamers you should subscribe to

Ever feel like not watching TV? A 30-minute or hour long program isn’t really what you are looking for? Watching YouTube videos is a great alternative as we are in an age where videos with the least amount of time gets the most amount of views.YouTubeGaming2As an avid gamer, I spend hours a week watching YouTube videos posted by other gamers. Whether if it’s just for entertainment or scouting to see if a game is worth buying, there are gamers who consistently post binge-worthy content to YouTube. So if you like video games, this is something you might be interested in.

In no particular order, here are some gamers to watch on YouTube:

Agent 00 (Over 600,000 subscribers)

A Canadian YouTuber known for his NBA 2K gameplay, Agent 00’s posts usually contain content from MyPark/Playground and Pro-Am. Additionally, he frequently posts his thoughts regarding game updates or yelling about is disapproval of NBA2K games even though he knows he’ll get the newest game when it comes out. Either way, his posts are very entertaining and it’s fun watching is gameplay and the commentary he adds to it.

StoneMountain64 (Over 1,500,000 subscribers)

I just recently started watching StoneMountain’s videos and it is by far the funniest I have ever seen. Some of his content involves trolling other players and the way he does it is so creative as he remains in character. I began watching his YOLO (Yankee, Oscar, Lima, Oscar) on the Battlegrounds videos and realized he did this for other games such as Fortnite, Battlefield, and Division so his videos have definitely kept me busy lately.

Chris Smoove (Over 3,900,000 subscribers)

His commentary is just flat out amazing. He now primarily posts sports gameplay such as UFC, NBA2K, and Madden as he uploads gameplay of him facing off against other players or the AI. He first became notable because of his Call of Duty gameplay as he would troll random players he faced off against. I mostly watch his videos for his commentary. He truly has a voice for Broadcast Television or Radio.

theRadbrad (Over 8,000,00 subscribers)

He is actually the first person I watched play video games on YouTube. This was back when I owned an Xbox 360, and The Last of Us came out for the PS3. I was so disappointed I couldn’t play the game but watching his videos became a good silver lining. theRadBrad posts story gameplay from various games such as the Far Cry series, Assassin’s Creed, Monster Hunter World, and much more. It’s been great to see his channel grow over the years, and I typically check it whenever I am interested in buying a new game and looking to see what the gameplay looks like.

I know the ones I listed aren’t the most popular gamers out there, but the YouTubers above typically play the games I am interested in and, above all, they make it look like so much fun.


What are your thoughts? Is there anyone you would add to this list?

Until next time,


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Tom Brady / LeBron James: Why we continue to compare sports biggest athletes and clearly favor one over the other


The most overused acronym in sports is G.O.A.T. Fueled by debate shows on networks such as ESPN and FOX Sport 1, there is an ongoing argument and declaration that a person is the greatest of all time in his or her respective sport. We are now at a time where LeBron James is being talked about as the greatest NBA Player of all time and Tom Brady discussed as the greatest NFL Quarterback of all time. Though one plays football and the other basketball, sports fans and media frequently bring up Tom Brady when discussing LeBron James or vice versa to paint a metaphorical picture of what the GOAT should look like. However, the criticism clearly falls heavier on LeBron James and favoritism is always bestowed upon Tom Brady. Well here are my thoughts on the subject.

The Road to the Championship

LeBron James, playing in the weak Eastern Conference, has the easiest road to the NBA Finals every year. This is my favorite argument to listen to only because it’s so lame and lazy that it just sounds like an excuse for why LeBron can’t be the G.O.A.T. Getting to the NBA Finals every year is impressive no matter how you look at it. The way I see it, many notable NBA free agents stay west or join a western conference team to avoid LeBron James until absolutely necessary, which is in the NBA Finals. It will be interesting to see how many players start to move East if he goes West this offseason.

So LeBron James gets all of this criticism about the “easy” road to the finals but no one ever examines Tom Brady’s road to the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at the teams that play in the same division as the New England Patriots: Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins. All three teams have been absolutely terrible for as long as Brady has been in the league. And, yes, this includes the Rex Ryan led Jets that Pats fans were so afraid of. Each year, Brady has an easy road to the playoffs typically getting a bye week in the playoffs because his team is able to rack up wins against the three teams mentioned above during the season. So for the Divisional Round of the playoffs, they are usually facing one of the worst playoff seeds in the AFC. When you think about it, the usually well-rested Patriots’ first competitive playoff game is Conference Championship and then the Super Bowl.

Based on the path LeBron and Brady takes, Brady’s road appears easier than LeBron’s when you factor in how consistently poor the competition is in the AFC East and how well-rested the Pats are compared to the tough games the other teams have to endure beforehand as they vie for Super Bowl contention. In regards to LeBron, he does have an easy path but his greatness makes it look way too easy than it actually is.

One man has been accused of cheating and one has not

The worst LeBron may have been accused of is flopping, which is one of the more disgusting things players do to bait the referees into calling a foul. However, what can LeBron do if he is constantly driving to the basket and getting punched and slapped with no foul called. Overall, it is on the referees to determine what is a flop versus an actual foul and make that call accordingly.

Tom Brady, on the other hand, has been mentioned with allegations such as Deflategate. This is actual cheating, but surprisingly it’s never compared to steroid use in baseball where players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will never fully get the credit they deserve because their names were mentioned with an ugly allegation. I’m not saying that Tom Brady shouldn’t be a Hall of Famer, but no G.O.A.T. should ever be mentioned in the same sentence as cheating.

Take LeBron off the Cavs / Take Brady off the Pats 

Take LeBron James off the Cleveland Cavaliers. We’ve seen it. They are in the lottery every year. Let’s go further. Take him off the Miami Heat. Their chances of winning the championship are reduced to zero percent. What we do know, which ever team he is on, they are instant contenders in a star-studded league.

Take Tom Brady off the New England Patriots. We’ve seen it. 2008 with Matt Cassel. Matt who? In a year where Brady went down with injury, Matt Cassel stepped in and had arguably his best year as a pro. Matt Cassel, by no means, will go down as one of the greats but he was able to fill such a role when his number was called. And then most recently, when Brady was suspended for Deflategate, Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett (two young QBs) were able to step in and earn some wins. The only constant in this matter is Head Coach Bill Belichick, who should be given the most credit for the Patriots success over the years. It makes one wonder, what would Tom Brady’s career look like if he played under anyone other than Bill Belichick?

Greatest of All Time

Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls

LeBron James and Tom Brady, statistically, are two of the best to play in their respective sports and both will be missed when it is time for them to depart the game. However, I would label neither as the G.O.A.T. because of reasons mentioned above.

I would take only one player over LeBron James and that is Michael Jordan. Jordan never had an easy road to the finals, and faced multiple (at the time) future Hall of Famers before getting to the finals and winning every time he got there. Many proclaim Jordan as the G.O.A.T. in basketball and I most certainly agree, but it’s really hard to compare him to centers like Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Bill Russell since they played different positions and the role of a center versus a shooting guard is a drastic change.

I would only take Brady if he and Belichick came as a packaged deal. They are the greatest Head Coach/QB duo in sports. Other than that, there are many other quarterbacks I would take over Brady from Joe Montana to Bret Favre. From Peyton Manning to Aaron Rodgers. I’m sorry but Brady lost to Nick Foles and Eli Manning (twice!) in the Super Bowl. The guys I just mentioned lost to QBs such as John Elway, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson.

This idea of a player being a G.O.A.T. is thrown out so easily that it really defeats how sacred the term should actually be. Growing up, the amount of times I heard Kobe Bryant being mentioned as the greatest basketball player of all time and even having to listen to the whispers regarding Stephen Curry being compared to LeBron James and Michael Jordan the year he won unanimous MVP was just ridiculous.

It’s okay if sports fans make these preposterous declarations because most of us sports fans really don’t know anything. But to tune into a show and listen to analysts, who get paid to do research and provide accurate and compelling information to viewers, make statements that are downright insulting to the game really shows how much a “prisoner of the moment” even members of the media become as they watch the game. This notion of being a prisoner of the moment is part of sports, but it’s hard to take anyone’s opinion/information seriously if one week they make an argument then the next week they say something that completely contradicts their previous statement. With the Pats most recent Super Bowl loss, hopefully we’ll cool it with the Tom Brady G.O.A.T. talks for a while.

I’ll leave with this. In order for someone to truly be the greatest, a la Muhammad Ali, the term can’t thrown out so loosely because it ultimately undermines its value. Let’s wait to see how players end his or her career and see how it compares to the greats before boldly and irresponsibly associating terms like G.O.A.T. with their name.

Until next time,


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Blake Griffin traded to the Detroit Pistons


Yesterday evening, it was announced Blake Griffin was traded to the Detroit Pistons from the Los Angeles Clippers. This trade blind-sided the league, since most of the season it was speculated the Clippers were moving DeAndre Jordan and recently rumored to be moving Lou Williams. To add, Blake Griffin just signed a 171 million dollar contract this past summer. And with Chris Paul gone, it seemed like this was Blake’s team for the foreseeable future. Clearly, the Clippers have a different plan regarding the direction they are headed in.

Here are the trade details:

Los Angeles Clippers get: Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, 1st round pick (Top-4 protected pick in 2018), 2nd round pick

Detroit Pistons get: Blake Griffin, Bryce Johnson, Willie Reed

Impact on the Los Angeles Clippers

With this trade, the Clippers are obviously thinking to rebuild. They currently have no franchise player and their best player, DeAndre Jordan, is likely to leave in free agency at the end of this season. It is likely that the Clippers will trade both DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams before the trade deadline with the Cleveland Cavaliers being the frontrunners in both respects. With the addition of Tobias Harris and Avery Bradley and possible other moves they will make before the deadline, the Clippers may be giving up on the playoff hunt this season and are trying to put the pieces together to make a run in the future.

Over the summer, the Clippers acquired Jerry West as a consultant for the franchise. Jerry West is not only known for being one of the best point guards of all time but also one of the best basketball minds in the game today. He is partly responsible for some of the more recent success of the Los Angeles Lakers as well as helping the Golden State Warriors get to where they are today.

Once Jerry West arrived to the Clippers, he immediately took away GM responsibilities from Doc Rivers and made him solely focus on coaching. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin gone, and DeAndre Jordan almost out the door, it’s likely Doc Rivers will be gone sooner than later. It’s easy to predict that Doc Rivers will not be coaching the Clippers next season.

Impact on the Detroit Pistons

As one team falls, another rises. Though they had to give up some key pieces to get Blake Griffin, the Pistons should be able to reap the benefits of having one of the best power forwards in the game. Without Chris Paul, Griffin showed he is capable of hitting the mid range and the occasional three pointer. Additionally, his ball handling has improved and he is displaying his capability of running the offense even as a big man.

With the west still stacked with talent, it’s good to see this shift in the NBA. Now that Blake is in Detroit, this might shake up where future free agents might consider playing. The east is still by far the weaker conference, so if another star were able to join up with Griffin in Detroit they will definitely be a team no one wants to face in the playoffs. However, they still need to add a couple key rotation players and pray to the basketball gods that Blake Griffin remains healthy. By even mentioning this, I think I just jinxed his chances of finishing this season injury-free.

The trade deadline is Thursday February 8th at 3pm. Once again, get your popcorn ready as this soap opera of a season is only getting better.

Till next time,


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