A Day of Firsts


Today is the day. My first day as a blogger. The first day of the NBA 2017-2018 regular season.  The first day of NBA Fantasy. Kyrie Irving’s first regular season game as point guard for the Boston Celtics. The first regular season game that will feature James Harden and Chris Paul in the Houston Rocket’s backcourt.

I can’t remember the last time I heard so much hype surrounding so many teams at the beginning of the regular season. From the Avengers being formed in Oklahoma City to the Suicide Squad they have going on in Cleveland. In a matter of a couple months the T’Wolves, even with addition of Jimmy Butler, became an afterthought.

However, you know who hasn’t become an afterthought? Mr. Lonzo Ball. It is a day of firsts for him and the “new look” Lakers well. The weight of arguably the most prominent franchise in the NBA will rest on his shoulders as he is expected to bring the Lakers back into the championship conversation. Sorry, Laker fans, don’t hold your breath on this one.

Out in Philly are a bunch of young guys looking to make their mark on the league as well. We have “Trust the Process” for a long time now and this is the year we see results. Coming off of last year’s injury, Ben Simmons will look to have a monster season stealing Rookie of the Year from this highly talented incoming class.

Notable games tonight:

Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers – 8:00pm on TNT

Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors – 10:30pm on TNT

All times are in Eastern time.


Predictions and Realizations

Prediction: The Cavs will stomp the Celtics.

Realization: Kyrie Irving will realize he is the leader of a team that will never reach the NBA Finals as long as Lebron James remains in the East. Lebron will realize he wants to stay in Cleveland to maintain that easy road to the Finals and make sure “the kid” does not return for the foreseeable future.

Prediction: It will be close for the first two and a half quarters, but the Warriors will show they are still miles ahead of the Rockets.

Realization: CP3 and The Beard will realize they cannot reach the Finals with the Rockets’ current roster. How long before we are wondering, will this marriage actually last?

With that being said, and if all goes as planned, this NBA season will live up to all of the hype that set in this summer. Do I dare say, Cavs-Warriors round 4? You let me know.

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