Fantasy Blues


Last night, around 8:15pm I was on the toilet. I’m scrolling through my twitter newsfeed because what else are you going to do on the toilet, right? I quickly see that Gordon Hayward is trending. I’m thinking, why is Gordon Hayward trending? He’s a good player, but last night was Kyrie Irving’s return to Cleveland and Dwayne Wade’s reunion with Lebron James.  My thinking was that Gordon Hayward’s first game with the Boston Celtics should take a step back to Kyrie and Lebron. But then, thirty seconds later, “OH!” My scream is so loud my girlfriend texts me,  “You taking an insane poopy, boo?” A couple minutes later, I show her the video of Gordon Hayward destroying his ankle and she screams just as loudly as I did. Apparently, Gordon Hayward has suffered an ankle injury that will sideline him the rest of the season. And just like that the NBA season makes you want to chuck your remote at your television. Let’s pour one out for Gordon Hayward and his fantasy owners. Oh yeah, you too Celtics fans.

Like many, I participate in fantasy leagues. I’m no guru, but I’m usually in decent position to make a run for number one in the playoffs. This year I am in an auction draft/ keeper league with Kawhi Leonard as my best player. Leonard is still nursing a right quadricep injury, which will keep him out of tonight’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. For us NBA fans, we are pretty much in the same boat regarding his status – WE JUST DON’T KNOW. The Spurs are tight-lipped regarding how long he will be out so we will just have to wait and see. So we have no idea if he will be out a couple games, a couple months, or the rest of the season. The safe choice would be for me to trade him now for a couple players than to lose him for the majority of the season, but if he comes back next week, and I’ve already traded him, it would make me want to quit fantasy forever. And such is the life of one who plays fantasy sports.

For those of you who drafted Isaiah Thomas (knowing he has a hip injury) high or chose him as your keeper, you shouldn’t have. That’s too much risk to assume he will come back in January and immediately return to MVP candidate form. But it’s the NBA. Anything is possible, right Kevin Garnett? Additionally, he is on a stacked team so his PPG will be down and Lebron James is the facilitator so don’t expect Thomas to be racking up many assist.

Unfortunately, Draymond Green has been added to this list of Fantasy Blues by injuring his knee last night against the Houston Rockets. However, he is a player that is not injury prone so if his luck holds up, he may not be out for an extended period of time. He piles up the stat sheet in fantasy and is a player I’m sure anyone would love to have on his or her team. The Warriors are one of those teams that seem to have everything go their way so it would not surprise me if Green recovers quickly.

Recap from last night’s Predictions and Realizations

Prediction: The Cavs will stomp the Celtics.

Realization: Kyrie Irving will realize he is the leader of a team that will never reach the NBA Finals as long as Lebron James remains in the East. Lebron will realize he wants to stay in Cleveland to maintain that easy road to the Finals and make sure “the kid” does not return for the foreseeable future.

Okay, so the Cleveland Cavaliers did not stomp the Boston Celtics. However, it was headed in that direction once Gordon Hayward went down as Cleveland was up by more than fifteen points for roughly two and a half quarters. Boston, like always, played with heart and powered back like a team possessed. To me, it looked like a Jaylen Brown coming out party. Way to go, Danny Ainge. This man can do no wrong. In the end, Kyrie Irving left that game the undisputed leader of the Boston Celtics with Gordon Hayward now sidelined while Lebron James maintains Cleveland’s status as the team to beat in the East.

Prediction: It will be close for the first two and a half quarters, but the Warriors will show they are still miles ahead of the Rockets.

Realization: CP3 and The Beard will realize they cannot reach the Finals with the Rockets’ current roster. How long before we are wondering, will this marriage actually last?

This was about to be a runaway game in the Golden State Warriors favor, but Fantasy Blues happened and Draymond Green was sidelined. The Warriors were looking like the dominant team we expect them to be. That might be their only weakness. They have four great players. If any of them goes down, their team is truly compromised. Regarding the Houston Rockets, I still think there will be rough patches to deal with this season, but only time will tell. Until then, keep jacking up those 3s and take a breather on defense.

New Predictions and Realizations

Prediction: Kawhi Leonard will be back before Christmas Day. With virtually no news out there regarding his injury, there is no way to predict this other than the sole state of my fantasy team. I am hoping he comes back sooner than later. The thought is that he has been out for so long, he should be just about ready to make his comeback.

Realization: When Leonard gets back, he will quickly resume to MVP candidate form. I highly doubt the Spurs would rush him back until they are 100% sure he is “The Claw” we expect him to be.

Prediction: Draymond Green will not miss more than a month. As I said earlier, based on the luck of the Warriors and his injury history, he should make it out of this one without too much panic to his team and fantasy owners.

Realization: Draymond Green’s presence distributing the ball and, obviously, on defense will be missed.

That’s all for me for now. Let me know your Fantasy Blues.

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