NBA 2K18: Play or Nah


It has been over one month since the release of NBA 2K18. I’ve been playing 2K18 almost nonstop since it came out. This game has updated a lot of its features, which includes MyGM, MyTeam, and likely the best MyCareer to date. There are definitely a lot of other things you can do in this game, but I’m just going to focus on these three since they are a major reason people buy this game. So let’s take a closer look.


This year, 2K has added a story mode to MyGM. It starts off with your player suffering a career-ending injury, and years later deciding to become a GM of a team of your choosing. As you progress into the first season, you hear rumors of your owner wanting to sell the team. He tells you it’s not true. However, it is. Shortly after, the owner sells the team and now your new boss has several expectations you must deliver upon or else…

So far, I like this mode. The business aspect of the game is always fun to me. I like trying to build a super team while also trying to please the fans, the owner, and the players. Something I find odd: I have three separate teams in my MyGM and each time the first owner has asked me to trade for Vince Carter. Why Vince Carter? And what if I started out with the Kings with Vinsanity already on my team. Who would I be asked to trade for then? I would never trade for a player that old, so each time I failed that goal with no consequences (that I know of). Let me know if you have been asked to trade for a player other than Vince Carter in that first month. I am interested to know if there are other options.



I haven’t played MyTeam too much yet, mainly because last year I started off destroying everyone then all of a sudden I couldn’t win a game. So, yep, I’m still bitter. However, they have made a lot of additions to this mode. If you play MyTeam the most, you are probably going to enjoy it a lot this year. The new modes consist of Pack and Playoffs, and Super Max. 

In Pack and Playoffs you randomly choose your 5 players from a pack and those are the guys you will be rolling with. I made the mistake of not reading up on it before playing. Let’s just say, I have Steph Curry, James Harden, and 3 other guards to complete my starting five. I’ve only played one match and it was against a guy who had much bigger players. Somehow I was able to win by just drowning him with speed and 3s. However, against a decently skilled player, I would have likely gotten recked.

I’ve have also only played Super Max once. You play that mode with your MyTeam collection, competing in a best-of-seven elimination-style competition. Your opponent changes every match but you need to win 4 times to advance to the next round.

MyCareer: Run The Neighborhood

This is, hands down, the best MyCareer mode yet. Think GTA online in a basketball game. Your player is literally in a neighborhood with other players.


From there, you can choose to play with other players in the Playground, run Pro-Am, or play the story-mode. And this year, there is ALOT of story in the story mode. If you thought Spike Lee’s cut scenes in 2K was long, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Additionally, you now have primary and secondary archetypes to choose from. The internet went buzzing when Dunkeschoen created a detailed spreadsheet with all of the archetypes and badges each combo can receive. I chose a Sharpshooting/Shot Creator, which seems to be working out for me. I typically play with a couple buddies on the Playground so hit me up if you’re decent and want to play.

Overall, I say NBA2K18 is a must play. The game keeps getting better and better, while NBA Live remains light-years behind. Of course, we have to deal with all of the patches and glitches like every 2K game. But if you compare it to any other sports game, NBA2K is still in a league of its own.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you avoiding 2K18 this year? Or do you agree it is a must play if you like basketball games.



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