Top 5 teams that should trade for Eric Bledsoe


On Monday October 23rd, Phoenix Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough sent Eric Bledsoe home iterating it was likely the point guard had played his last game for the team. Their meeting was sparked by a tweet from Bledsoe the previous day stating, “I Don’t wanna be here.” Though Bledsoe told McDonough the tweet was in reference to being at a hair salon with his girlfriend, the GM found that explanation to be far from the truth.

So with that said, the Suns are currently shopping Eric Bledsoe and here is my take on which five teams have the best shot at trading for him.


5. Orlando Magic

With the Magic off to a hot start this season, beating teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, and Memphis Grizzlies, they might think it’s possible to make some serious noise this year. With Bledsoe’s stock really low right now, the Magic may be able to swap Elfrid Payton for the Suns’ guard. Payton is a great defensive talent but he is no Eric Bledsoe. In the East, where there is very little competition, Bledsoe would play a big role in making the Magic relevant again.


4. New York Knicks

I don’t think there is anything the Knicks could do at this point to really impress me, but in a city where the expectations are always high, the Knicks need to have a decent point guard. Frank Ntilikina is not going to cut it. The odds of him becoming as good as Bledsoe appear to be low based on what we’ve seen so far. The Knicks best bet would be to trade the rookie for Bledsoe. Imagine Eric Bledsoe, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Kristaps Porzingis playing together. I know, it’s still not impressive, but hey it’s the Knicks.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Denver Nuggets

3. Denver Nuggets

With Emmanuel Mudiay and Kenneth Faried both underperforming for some time now, don’t be surprised if the Nuggets make a move to send them to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe in return. All players involved could benefit from a fresh start. For the Nuggets, adding a piece like Bledsoe could solidify them as a playoff team in a very tough Western Conference. And for Phoenix, adding Mudiay and Faried could boost their depth as their young stars continue to grow. Phoenix is just one or two smart moves away from being a contender and this move could help them get closer to achieving that goal.


2. Milwaukee Bucks

Now this would be a trade that could shake up the East. With Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward injured and the Cleveland Cavaliers still trying to figure things out, Eric Bledsoe would help the Bucks rise to the top. They definitely should not trade Malcolm Brogdon, but if they can eject Matthew Dellavedova for Bledsoe, the Bucks would punch their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals.


1. San Antonio Spurs

Don’t ever count out the Spurs, in anything. With Parker on the brink of retirement, they need a point guard to officially take over the reins. If the Spurs can obtain Eric Bledsoe without giving up too much, and Kawhi Leonard returns this season, they will be in the conversation as the team to beat. Ideally, they would ship their young guard Dejounte Murray and forward Kyle Anderson. If they could keep their core in tact and land Bledsoe, don’t be surprised if we are all looking at the Spurs to dethrone the Warriors.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you agree with this list?



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