Netflix ruined a good Anime

Over the years, Netflix has become one of the most popular methods to watch television and movies. With so many viewers, Netflix has decided to come out with several Netflix Original movies and television shows. And Netflix has delivered greatness to us such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, House of Cards, and Marvel TV Shows (Daredevil, The Defenders, The Punisher, etc.) With these shows, and then some, Netflix got it right. Great actors, action, and drama – everything needed to appeal to fans. However, when it comes to creating content based on already established Anime, Netflix has missed the mark. Below is my review on a recent Netflix adaptation of a very popular Anime TV Series.



I, like many, was excited to see that Netflix came out with a DeathNote film. As a huge fan of the Anime, I was anxious to see Netflix’s adaptation of the show. However, once I saw it, I was truly disappointed. My sadness almost turned into anger because Netflix almost ruined that Anime for me. To start, they changed the protagonist Light Yagami’s name to Light Turner. Of all the unnecessary things, did you have to change the last name of this dynamic character because it was Japanese? Speaking of dynamic, that was everything Light Turner was not in this film. In the Anime, Light Yagami is a genius, clever, arrogant, competitive. In Netflix’s version, Light Turner appears to be average in every way. And the same could be said for the character who plays L. He’s supposed to be just as smart or even smarter than Light, but in the film both characters seem to be two overhyped individuals, weakened by their emotions, as they attempt to “outsmart” one another.

The most exciting sequences in the DeathNote Anime is the back and forth Light and L go through in trying to figure out each other’s identity. In the movie, both appear to be very emotional and never in control. The characters are just less superior compared to their Anime counterparts. Additionally, Ryuk’s personality is scary in the movie as opposed to the comedic aspect he brought to the Anime. A monster that came across as funny and laid back seemed a lot more interesting to follow rather than your stereotypical monster with a scary personality. And then there is Mia. She is not in the Anime, but undoubtedly the most interesting character in the movie. ¬†She has thicker skin and more resolve than Light and at times I was thinking I would rather see her with the DeathNote over Light Turner.

I get it, with this being a movie there is only so much time allotted to tell the story. However, if you can’t do something right don’t do it at all. As I was watching the movie, I seriously wondered if the writers and producers actually watched the Anime before creating the movie. Something I highly doubt. Please, Netflix, think carefully before you ruin our Anime. If something like this were done to favorites such as One Piece, Naruto, or Fullmetal Alchemist, everyone would riot. Fair warning.

I think IMDb also agrees with my assessment…

DeathNote (Anime) IMDb Rating – 9.0/10

DeathNote (Netflix Film) IMDb Rating – 4.6/10

Let me know your thoughts. Are one of the many very disappointed with Netflix’s remake of DeathNote? Or do you think they got it right.



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