Top YouTube Gamers you should subscribe to

Ever feel like not watching TV? A 30-minute or hour long program isn’t really what you are looking for? Watching YouTube videos is a great alternative as we are in an age where videos with the least amount of time gets the most amount of views.YouTubeGaming2As an avid gamer, I spend hours a week watching YouTube videos posted by other gamers. Whether if it’s just for entertainment or scouting to see if a game is worth buying, there are gamers who consistently post binge-worthy content to YouTube. So if you like video games, this is something you might be interested in.

In no particular order, here are some gamers to watch on YouTube:

Agent 00 (Over 600,000 subscribers)

A Canadian YouTuber known for his NBA 2K gameplay, Agent 00’s posts usually contain content from MyPark/Playground and Pro-Am. Additionally, he frequently posts his thoughts regarding game updates or yelling about is disapproval of NBA2K games even though he knows he’ll get the newest game when it comes out. Either way, his posts are very entertaining and it’s fun watching is gameplay and the commentary he adds to it.

StoneMountain64 (Over 1,500,000 subscribers)

I just recently started watching StoneMountain’s videos and it is by far the funniest I have ever seen. Some of his content involves trolling other players and the way he does it is so creative as he remains in character. I began watching his YOLO (Yankee, Oscar, Lima, Oscar) on the Battlegrounds videos and realized he did this for other games such as Fortnite, Battlefield, and Division so his videos have definitely kept me busy lately.

Chris Smoove (Over 3,900,000 subscribers)

His commentary is just flat out amazing. He now primarily posts sports gameplay such as UFC, NBA2K, and Madden as he uploads gameplay of him facing off against other players or the AI. He first became notable because of his Call of Duty gameplay as he would troll random players he faced off against. I mostly watch his videos for his commentary. He truly has a voice for Broadcast Television or Radio.

theRadbrad (Over 8,000,00 subscribers)

He is actually the first person I watched play video games on YouTube. This was back when I owned an Xbox 360, and The Last of Us came out for the PS3. I was so disappointed I couldn’t play the game but watching his videos became a good silver lining. theRadBrad posts story gameplay from various games such as the Far Cry series, Assassin’s Creed, Monster Hunter World, and much more. It’s been great to see his channel grow over the years, and I typically check it whenever I am interested in buying a new game and looking to see what the gameplay looks like.

I know the ones I listed aren’t the most popular gamers out there, but the YouTubers above typically play the games I am interested in and, above all, they make it look like so much fun.


What are your thoughts? Is there anyone you would add to this list?

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NBA 2K eSports League: Everything you need to know

It’s a new year and a new grind for the NBA 2K Community. At the beginning of the month, 2K began promoting it’s eLeague, which will allow up to 85 players to be drafted into a professional NBA eSports League. So, of course, all the 2K heads out there are going to be pulling some all-nighters to showcase skills in hopes they will get drafted.

If you are interested in qualifying for this league, here is what you need to know:

Age Requirement and Participation

You need to be at least 18 years old to play and it’s open to everyone in the world. Xbox One and PS4 are the only consoles you can use to tryout for the eLeague. To be eligible for tryouts, from January 1st-31st, players will have to win 50 games in ProAm as a walk-on or a team or a combination of both. Now is the time so get on it if you’re interested.

When is the draft and when will the season begin?

Tryouts will take place in February, the draft will take place in March, and the season will begin in May of this year and will last until August.

How many NBA teams are participating and how many players per team?

There will be 17 NBA teams and 5 players per team as players will face off in 5v5 games. Here is the list of NBA teams participating:

  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Portland Trailblazers
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Cleveland Caveliers
  • Boston Celtics
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Miami Heat
  • Utah Jazz
  • Sacramento Kings
  • New York Knicks
  • Orlando Magic
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Washington Wizards

If drafted, are you able to use your created player?

No, your MyPlayer will not be available for use. Instead, you will be able to create your own avatar closer to 90 overall.

For more information, check out the NBA 2K Website and NBA 2K Wishlist.

Stay tuned for more info.



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Fortnite Battle Royale is so much fun and it’s free


Fortnite Battle Royale is a poor man’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, literally. But so what, I love it! I typically play this game with friends, which I would suggest everyone to do.

The game starts off with 100 players on an island and then it is all out war until there is a last man (or men) standing. Most people tend to play in a party with friends, so at least one of the party members need to survive for the entire group to win. Once each player lands on the island, the only item he or she has is an axe. You will have to roam the island to collect other weapons and items, while avoiding or killing players that get in your way. Also, every few minutes or so, there is a “forcefield” that closes in, ultimately forcing players to move to different parts of the island. If you are hit by the forcefield, you will continue to take damage until your health runs out. This ensures that players aren’t just “camping” throughout the island. Instead, this concept closes off several parts of the island, ensuring that players run into each other to duke it out until just about everyone is dead.

One interesting part of this game, which doesn’t occur in PUBG, is that you can collect wood and other materials you gather on the island to build various objects. So if you are trying to get to the top of a house, but there are no steps, you can build your own staircase out of wood. If someone is shooting at you and there is no cover, you can build your own staircase out of the wood that you gather from you arrive to the island.

Fortnite Battle Royale can be tough and quite often frustrating, but if you have a plan and work well with your teammates, success can be achievable. My team tends to take a more conservative approach when playing. So instead of looking for a person to kill, we start off by looking for as many weapons and supplies as possible, and also collect wood, which can prove to come in handy when placed in tough situations. As the forcefield comes, we make sure we are well on our way to the designated part of the island so we don’t get damaged. The key is to stay out of the open field and actively aim for areas where there is cover. If you are with a team, you can work with your teammate(s) to surround enemies or draw them out to your advantage. There are so many different possibilities and strategies you can implement to be successful at this game. And, again, it’s free.

Let me know your thoughts. Have you played Fortnite Battle Royale?

Till next time,


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Telltale’s Batman keeps getting better

Since playing episode two of this newest season, I have been patiently waiting for episode three to come out as I’ve been constantly checking online for the release date and avoiding watching my favorite YouTubers as they played the game before it officially came out. This morning as I casually checked to see if the game came out, I was happy to see it did! I am a couple days late, but enough with my first-world problems – here are my thoughts on the game.


At the end of Season Two Episode Two, I infiltrated Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Bane’s group. Joker and I were best friends, and I was pretty much Harley Quinn’s lapdog. You know, she says jump and I jump. If she says hit this person, I’m hitting them. Bane and Mr. Freeze are odd, but you have to get used to them. Actually, you’ll never get used to Bane. Someone please get this guy a Xanax. Either way, I had so much fun hanging out with the bad guys that I almost forgot why I was there in the first place, which was…you know what, I won’t spoil this part for you. Play the game and find out!

As episode two ended/episode three began, Selena Kyle AKA Catwoman unexpectedly showed up. So in Telltale games, you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead. I flirted with Catwoman and Harley Quinn (to the dismay of Joker) in the past so I was hoping this didn’t turn into an episode of Jerry Springer. Unfortunately, Catwoman wanted to keep things professional (for the time being) and Harley now wants kill me. Still a little like Jerry Springer but at least no brawl between my acquaintances. Yep, just a day in the life of Bruce Wayne.

The Joker and Bruce Wayne continue to be friends, with him bashing a detective in the head for me and then accepting relationship advice from me. He also was able to have his first real encounter with Batman. As the cape crusader, I was a jerk to Joker but since Batman is his hero, I was able to convince him to try to steal a valuable item from Harley Quinn.

Jim Gordon hated me as Batman and Bruce Wayne in this episode. Unfortunately, our goals do not align so he keeps making it a priority to make both my lives a living hell. Luckily, Amanda Waller is his boss but she is more of a nuisance than he is. My decisions are made literally based on who I do not want to hate me today. And so Gordon hated me today and had GCPD “greet” me as I arrived to work as Bruce Wayne.


Overall, this episode was amazing. Whether I am playing as Batman or Bruce Wayne, each choice I have to make becomes even more stressful than the last time. I do not play this game for the action, which is pretty much non-existent if you are comparing it to non-Telltale Batman games, but I like this as well as other Telltale games for the situations you are placed in and how your decisions affect your character and how others view your character.

This game also does a good job making all of the characters very interesting, even more so than the movies have done. I love the Joker so far. I feel that a big twist is coming and I cannot wait to see it. Also, it appears Harley Quinn has taken a leadership role, which is something I wouldn’t expect over the likes of Bane, Mr. Freeze, or the Joker. And she is doing a good job at it.

Playing this season will make you hate Amanda Waller, if you don’t already do so. She is so easy to hate, but the immoral, selfish, and dangerous things she needs me to do are so much fun. I sometimes feel bad when I side with Waller over Jim Gordon, but as I said, “you gotta do what you gotta do” to get ahead in Telltale games.

Overall, if you play video games and have not played Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within or any Telltale games for that matter, you need to re-evaluate your life and download a game now.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you like this game? How does it compare with other Telltale games?

Yours Truly,


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Date night or Game night: Video Games that will make you want to stay in over going out


Ever had one of those, it’s a Saturday night and I have nothing to do, moments? OkCupid is slow or not enough money to take your girl (or guy) out? As someone who used to have this issue, I know the feeling of trying to salvage a Friday or Saturday when you are at home and looking for ways to have fun. Below are some binge worthy games if you are looking to have fun and interact with people at the same time.

Jack Box Party Pack 3


Jack Box is a game best played when you have a group of people over and looking to have some fun. All you need is the console to load the game, and then instructions will be  displayed to have up to 8 players enter the room code on his or her phone to start playing. That right’s, instead of a controller, all that will be required to play is a phone. There is an online component to it too if you want to play with others virtually instead of having everyone at the same location.

Like most games, to win in Jack Box to have to get the highest score. To start, each player is given a prompt which appears on their phone, and each player is given a time limit to enter a reply or draw as necessary. The game collects all replies and, often times, gives players the opportunity to vote for the best answer (excluding their own answer). The game as severals rounds and at the end of each round there is a ranking with each player’s score. There are several different modes you can play: Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Tee K.O., and Fakin’ It.

NBA 2K18: Run the Neighborhood


This fantastic new feature in NBA 2K18 can allow for endless hours of fun as you are playing with your friends online or if you are looking to make friends online. As you log several hours upgrading your created player, you are also giving him unique attributes, hairstyles, and buying or designing his clothing.

From experience, the better your player is the more willing others will be to pass you the ball. The PlayGround and Pro-Am are the most popular when it comes to playing with others online. The former is what most seasoned players remember as MyPark. Your player is in a playground with several basketball courts, amongst at least a few dozen players looking to prove who is the best at the park. There are opportunities to play 2v2 or 3v3 and winner stays on the court. I play with two others, and we typically hop on a call and communicate with each other as we are destroying everyone else on the court.

Pro-Am is just as fun but it is 5v5 games. If you don’t have a team you can play as a Walk-on where you will be playing with random players you don’t know. I’ve played this mode but you sometimes get a point guard who doesn’t pass the ball and takes a ton of bad shots. That alone really just annoys me so I try to stay away from this mode. However, if you know 4 others who are looking to play, you can create your own team, your own arena and jerseys, and keep track of your team’s win-loss record. Definitely a fun activity you can do with some friends.

Rocket League


This might be a game most enjoyable if you’re knocking back some beers and with some friends as you play. Rocket League is a popular, online-based game where each player controls a car and the aim is to hit the ball into the goal. Yes, it’s soccer but with cars. No matter a persons thoughts on the game, I bought it for $5 and now the price is $29.99. So clearly the game is doing well. Matches can be played from as many as 1v1 to 4v4, and you can play with friends on the same console or with each other online or you can play with random players online.

The game is definitely worth a shot and will make anyone with a competitive bone in their body quickly addicted. Here is a video of my favorite Rocket League YouTubers as they play the game.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds


Imagine you parachuted onto an island all with 99 other people, and you had to scavenge for weapons and supplies, and survive until you’re the last person alive. No this is not The Hunger Games, this is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You can enter a match solo or with a team of up to four people as you face other players online in a last man standing death match.

As the match progresses, the playable area of the map shrinks causing players outside of the safe area to take significant damage so all players have to converge into the safe area which typically calls for an epic showdown. This is definitely a game that will require strategy if you want to be the last person standing and can also be a lot of fun if you are playing with friends.

Destiny 2


Date night or not, Destiny 2 is worth the buy. This online-only multi-player game will likely be in the mix for game of the year. You get to choose from three different classes: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. As your character progresses, you can obtain better equipment and upgrade attributes. In various modes, you work with other players to kill alien races or you can go head-to-head against other players to test your skills in combat. If you’re interested in role-playing and MMO games, this is the game for you. And this game is definitely most fun when you are in party chat with your online buddies. I plan on getting it this week so I can binge play it on my day off from work this Friday.

Let me know your thoughts. Are there games that should be added to this list? Any that you would take off?

Till next time…



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NBA 2K18: Play or Nah


It has been over one month since the release of NBA 2K18. I’ve been playing 2K18 almost nonstop since it came out. This game has updated a lot of its features, which includes MyGM, MyTeam, and likely the best MyCareer to date. There are definitely a lot of other things you can do in this game, but I’m just going to focus on these three since they are a major reason people buy this game. So let’s take a closer look.


This year, 2K has added a story mode to MyGM. It starts off with your player suffering a career-ending injury, and years later deciding to become a GM of a team of your choosing. As you progress into the first season, you hear rumors of your owner wanting to sell the team. He tells you it’s not true. However, it is. Shortly after, the owner sells the team and now your new boss has several expectations you must deliver upon or else…

So far, I like this mode. The business aspect of the game is always fun to me. I like trying to build a super team while also trying to please the fans, the owner, and the players. Something I find odd: I have three separate teams in my MyGM and each time the first owner has asked me to trade for Vince Carter. Why Vince Carter? And what if I started out with the Kings with Vinsanity already on my team. Who would I be asked to trade for then? I would never trade for a player that old, so each time I failed that goal with no consequences (that I know of). Let me know if you have been asked to trade for a player other than Vince Carter in that first month. I am interested to know if there are other options.



I haven’t played MyTeam too much yet, mainly because last year I started off destroying everyone then all of a sudden I couldn’t win a game. So, yep, I’m still bitter. However, they have made a lot of additions to this mode. If you play MyTeam the most, you are probably going to enjoy it a lot this year. The new modes consist of Pack and Playoffs, and Super Max. 

In Pack and Playoffs you randomly choose your 5 players from a pack and those are the guys you will be rolling with. I made the mistake of not reading up on it before playing. Let’s just say, I have Steph Curry, James Harden, and 3 other guards to complete my starting five. I’ve only played one match and it was against a guy who had much bigger players. Somehow I was able to win by just drowning him with speed and 3s. However, against a decently skilled player, I would have likely gotten recked.

I’ve have also only played Super Max once. You play that mode with your MyTeam collection, competing in a best-of-seven elimination-style competition. Your opponent changes every match but you need to win 4 times to advance to the next round.

MyCareer: Run The Neighborhood

This is, hands down, the best MyCareer mode yet. Think GTA online in a basketball game. Your player is literally in a neighborhood with other players.


From there, you can choose to play with other players in the Playground, run Pro-Am, or play the story-mode. And this year, there is ALOT of story in the story mode. If you thought Spike Lee’s cut scenes in 2K was long, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Additionally, you now have primary and secondary archetypes to choose from. The internet went buzzing when Dunkeschoen created a detailed spreadsheet with all of the archetypes and badges each combo can receive. I chose a Sharpshooting/Shot Creator, which seems to be working out for me. I typically play with a couple buddies on the Playground so hit me up if you’re decent and want to play.

Overall, I say NBA2K18 is a must play. The game keeps getting better and better, while NBA Live remains light-years behind. Of course, we have to deal with all of the patches and glitches like every 2K game. But if you compare it to any other sports game, NBA2K is still in a league of its own.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you avoiding 2K18 this year? Or do you agree it is a must play if you like basketball games.



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