The Seven Deadly Sins is Pure Gold

After years of doubt on whether or not I should watch The Seven Deadly Sins, I finally gave in and binge-watched season 1. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but this show ended up being the best Anime I’ve watched in recent memory.


Let’s quickly examine each Sin (as they appear from left to right above):

Ban – The Sin of Greed, was convicted for destroying the Fairy King’s Forest and killing King’s sister, Elaine, who was in love with him. As a result, Ban was sentenced to death but was granted immortality by Elaine before she died. He is viewed as the Sin of Greed because of his greed for immortality.

Diane – The Sin of Envy, was labeled such after being framed for jealousy and then and killing her partner, Matrona, as well as 330 innocent knights when sent out on a mission. Diane was sentenced to death, which was then sabotaged by Meliodas.

Gowther – The Sin of Lust, gained this name after forcing the King of the Kingdom of Liones’ younger sister, Nadja, to commit vile sexual acts which resulted in her death. However, both were madly in love with each other and Nadja, while having a terminal illness, wanted to be with Gowther before dying in his arms. In distraught of her death, Gowther’s cries alerted guards who arrived and found Nadja’s dead body in Gowther’s arms.

Meliodas – The Sin of Wrath, the Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins, was given this sin after failing to save the Kingdom, Danafor, and its citizens’ as well as his love, Liz. Many believe he lost himself in his wrath and murdered the entire Kingdom. However, it is clear there is still a lot about Meliodas we have yet to learn.

Merlin – The Sin of Gluttony, reason for this label is currently unknown. Merlin is regarded as the greatest mage in all of Britannia.

King – The Sin of Sloth, is the King of Fairies who supposedly ended his friend, Helbram’s, life. Helbram was accused of mass murdering over a five hundred year span. King took the blame, which came close to sparking a war between humans and fairies. As a result, King was sentenced to imprisonment for a thousand years and was labeled the Sin of Sloth because he turned a blind eye to the murders committed by Helbram.

Escanor – The Sin of Pride, reason for sin is unknown. Escanor is known for gaining immense power during the day but becoming weaker as the sun sets.

With Escanor being the exception, we’ve gotten full introductions to the Sins in season 1 of the Anime and their battles have truly been fun to watch.


Once known for fighting together, the Sins were framed for the murdering Zaratras, the Great Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Liones. To avoid capture, Meliodas orders that they all go their separate ways. The Anime then begins ten years after the incident.

Throughout the season, the Sins are practically viewed as celebrities and terrorists as the mention of the Sins either excites people or brings about fear.


It all  begins with Princess Elizabeth unknowingly stumbling onto Meliodas as she is in search of The Seven Deadly Sins to liberate Liones, which is her Kingdom, from the Holy Knights. Meliodas makes it his sole purpose to help and protect Elizabeth while in search for the remaining Sins before they go to Liones.

Each Sin introduced is exciting in his or her own right and, best of all, their personalities and physical abilities are so uniquely different from one another.

Meliodas, who has become my favorite character, appears to be the glue that holds everyone together. He’s strong and compassion at the same, which reminds me a lot of Naruto Uzumaki. It will be quite the scene once Meliodas fully unleashes his demonic power on some poor soul.

Once the Sins arrive to the Liones, many amazing battles ensue. And though they looked unstoppable for most of the season, Meliodas and his team were put to the test towards the end.

Overall, this Anime is a must watch. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you know what to do. The biggest question now is, when are we getting season 2?! If anyone has updates regarding this please let me know.

Let me know your thoughts. Would this rank high on your favorite Anime shows to watch?

Till next time,


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And then Fate/Apocrypha happened

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch. After a good 2 minutes of scrolling, I was about to succumb to watching Naruto and Sasuke’s epic fight at the Valley of the End for like the 5th time this year. But then it happened. I stumbled upon Fate/Apocrypha. Without any thought, I automatically assumed this Anime would be great and pressed play.

It is worth noting, I’ve seen Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night and absolutely love both shows as Saber, Artoria Pendragon/King Arthur, has become one of my favorite Anime characters. Both series have tremendous action and the characters’ desire for the Holy Grail is carefully crafted, which allows the viewers to at least respect everyones goals regardless of whether or not they agree with the characters’ morality.

So here are my thoughts after watching season 1 of Fate/Apocrypa…


This Anime has several masters and servants separated into two Factions (red and black). So each faction has a Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, and Assassin to go along with a Master for each of these servants. It’s an actual all out war. Another addition is that there is now a Ruler-class servant, Joan of Arc, summoned to act as mediator for the Great Holy Grail War.

Overall, Fate/Apocrypa shows promise. It’s fun to see a lot of notable servants such as William Shakespeare as Caster of Red, Spartacus as Berserker of Red, Achilles as Rider of Red, and Jack the Ripper as Assassin of Black among others. And there is such a wide age range of masters, it is very interesting to see how they get along, not only with one another, but also with their respective servants. The one master that appears to be far superior to the rest is Shirou Kotomine, who was sent by the church to act as supervisor and he is also the master of Assassin of Red. I am interested to see his progression as he appears more powerful than even most servants.

Though season 1 is very good, I wouldn’t rank it above Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night. The main reason being is that there are way too many characters to keep track of. Between all of the servants and masters, it’s easy to get lost on who is who and I found myself wanting to rewatch the season to fully grasp all that is going on. It’s hard to root for a character if his or her story isn’t effectively flushed out. In this case, there are so many different characters and storylines to throw into 20 minute episodes, which makes it difficult for the viewer to fully immerse oneself into the story.

With that said, there are a ton of action scenes especially leading up to the season finally. That’s one thing the Fate series continues to get right, which keeps me coming back as viewer. I am definitely looking forward to next season and seeing more it has to offer.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you think this is worth watching? How does it compare to the rest of the Fate series?

Till next time,


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The Punisher is everything we imagined

Whenever I think of Jon Bernthal, I think of Shane from The Walking Dead. Whenever, I see him on television or in a movie I always yell out, “That’s Shane from The Walking Dead!” It’s so odd that one show can decide how people can identify an actor even years after that person no longer stars on that show. Moving forward, Jon Bernthal is no longer known to me as Shane from The Walking Dead. He is now known to me as Jon Bernthal, one of the best actors in Hollywood.

I recently finished watching The Punisher, and Bernthal crushed it as Frank Castle. From start to finish, he was funny, angry, sad, and even an asshole at times. But everything he did was just perfect. We got a taste of the Frank Castle in Daredevil, and thankfully Netflix transformed the Punisher into it’s own show.

Here is what you need to know

This isn’t a John Wick shoot em up for the entire 40 minutes kind of show. There is strong plot, great drama, and superior acting along with some good action involved. All of which have made The Punisher the best of all the Marvel TV Shows on Netflix.

The show begins post-rampage Frank Castle killing 37 people many of who were involved in the murder of his wife and kids. He is now living under an alias because all except for a few believes he is dead. Otherwise, this would be a Grand Theft Auto scenario and he’ll have 5 stars #CopsEverywhere. Anyway, he tries to live a peaceful, quiet life but trouble just seems to always find this guy, and he is roped back into doing what he does best…punishing? Frank finds out that there are people he used to be close with that were involved in the murder of his wife and kids. So, as you can imagine, all goes crazy from here.

One sub-plot that sticks out to me is that there are several veterans, including Frank, that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a very authentic subject to add, creating a learning moment for the viewers on what some veterans have to endure once they return from oversees. It was very interesting to see how they struggle to fit into society and their belief that the government has no intention on helping them adjust to living in the country they once fought to defend.

What I wasn’t expecting


There are a lot of great characters in this show. Aside from Frank Castle, my favorite was actually the antagonist Billy Russo played by Ben Barnes. He is fun and charismatic, but also cunning and deadly at the same time. He proves to be a worthy foe for Frank Castle and all others that opposed him. The entire time I was binge-watching I kept wondering, where have I seen this guy. After continuously drawing a blank, I looked him up and saw Westworld. It’s very interesting to note that the characters he plays in both shows have very several similarities. At the end I was thinking, this guy needs to be the star of his own TV show.

A couple other notable actors are David Lieberman AKA Micro played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Dinah Madani played by Amber Rose Revah. The tech-savvy Miro becomes very interesting as he teams up with The Punisher, and the show raises the stakes putting his family in danger. Madani is a very interesting character. As a Department of Homeland Security Agent she continues to struggle between what’s right and wrong while her superiors don’t have any issue bending the rules to achieve their own selfish goals.

Overall, this show is a must watch.

Let me know. Did you watch The Punisher or do you plan to?



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Netflix ruined a good Anime

Over the years, Netflix has become one of the most popular methods to watch television and movies. With so many viewers, Netflix has decided to come out with several Netflix Original movies and television shows. And Netflix has delivered greatness to us such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, House of Cards, and Marvel TV Shows (Daredevil, The Defenders, The Punisher, etc.) With these shows, and then some, Netflix got it right. Great actors, action, and drama – everything needed to appeal to fans. However, when it comes to creating content based on already established Anime, Netflix has missed the mark. Below is my review on a recent Netflix adaptation of a very popular Anime TV Series.



I, like many, was excited to see that Netflix came out with a DeathNote film. As a huge fan of the Anime, I was anxious to see Netflix’s adaptation of the show. However, once I saw it, I was truly disappointed. My sadness almost turned into anger because Netflix almost ruined that Anime for me. To start, they changed the protagonist Light Yagami’s name to Light Turner. Of all the unnecessary things, did you have to change the last name of this dynamic character because it was Japanese? Speaking of dynamic, that was everything Light Turner was not in this film. In the Anime, Light Yagami is a genius, clever, arrogant, competitive. In Netflix’s version, Light Turner appears to be average in every way. And the same could be said for the character who plays L. He’s supposed to be just as smart or even smarter than Light, but in the film both characters seem to be two overhyped individuals, weakened by their emotions, as they attempt to “outsmart” one another.

The most exciting sequences in the DeathNote Anime is the back and forth Light and L go through in trying to figure out each other’s identity. In the movie, both appear to be very emotional and never in control. The characters are just less superior compared to their Anime counterparts. Additionally, Ryuk’s personality is scary in the movie as opposed to the comedic aspect he brought to the Anime. A monster that came across as funny and laid back seemed a lot more interesting to follow rather than your stereotypical monster with a scary personality. And then there is Mia. She is not in the Anime, but undoubtedly the most interesting character in the movie.  She has thicker skin and more resolve than Light and at times I was thinking I would rather see her with the DeathNote over Light Turner.

I get it, with this being a movie there is only so much time allotted to tell the story. However, if you can’t do something right don’t do it at all. As I was watching the movie, I seriously wondered if the writers and producers actually watched the Anime before creating the movie. Something I highly doubt. Please, Netflix, think carefully before you ruin our Anime. If something like this were done to favorites such as One Piece, Naruto, or Fullmetal Alchemist, everyone would riot. Fair warning.

I think IMDb also agrees with my assessment…

DeathNote (Anime) IMDb Rating – 9.0/10

DeathNote (Netflix Film) IMDb Rating – 4.6/10

Let me know your thoughts. Are one of the many very disappointed with Netflix’s remake of DeathNote? Or do you think they got it right.



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The Walking Dead: Is it still worth watching?


Entering into its 8th season, the Walking Dead is at its lowest viewership since season 2. However, the zombie drama still dominates Sunday night cable television by a long shot. I’ve been a fan of the show for so long that I even started reading the comics. At this point, I’m just so invested in the show I have to watch till the very end or until Rick dies. Either way, it will be a sad day when there is no more Walking Dead to look forward to on Sunday nights.

The first two episodes into season 8 have been filled with non-stop action. With All Out War being one of the more pivotal parts of the series, I’m sure the writers and producers are doing everything possible to get this right. From the get go, Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom launches an assault against the Saviors. There are casualties on all sides, including recurring characters. And most recently, King Ezekiel’s pet tiger, Shiva, got its first kill of the season by mauling a Savior. And if you think you have this season all figured out…

Wait for it…


Morales returns! For those who don’t remember, Morales was a recurring character in season 1 who decided to leave Rick’s group to take his family to Birmingham, Alabama. He has now returned and though he and Rick remember each other, it is apparent Morales is fighting on Negan’s side. The latest episode ends with Morales aiming his gun at Rick, so in the next episode our hero may be forced to kill his former acquaintance. Hopefully Rick is able to talk some sense into Morales like he once did to Morgan back in season 3’s Clear.

Even though the Walking Dead is continuously losing viewers, it is definitely still worth watching if you are an actual fan of the show and not just watching because everyone else is. When a show has been running this long and has numerous amazing episodes, it starts to become tougher to produce episodes at a consistently high level. Breaking Bad did it right by ending it at the height of its popularity, but with all the comic book content the Walking Dead has, this series can easily go on another three or four seasons at least. If that’s the case, I’m all in.

What are your thoughts? Do you still watch the Walking Dead? Or are you over it by now?



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