Fortnite Battle Royale is so much fun and it’s free


Fortnite Battle Royale is a poor man’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, literally. But so what, I love it! I typically play this game with friends, which I would suggest everyone to do.

The game starts off with 100 players on an island and then it is all out war until there is a last man (or men) standing. Most people tend to play in a party with friends, so at least one of the party members need to survive for the entire group to win. Once each player lands on the island, the only item he or she has is an axe. You will have to roam the island to collect other weapons and items, while avoiding or killing players that get in your way. Also, every few minutes or so, there is a “forcefield” that closes in, ultimately forcing players to move to different parts of the island. If you are hit by the forcefield, you will continue to take damage until your health runs out. This ensures that players aren’t just “camping” throughout the island. Instead, this concept closes off several parts of the island, ensuring that players run into each other to duke it out until just about everyone is dead.

One interesting part of this game, which doesn’t occur in PUBG, is that you can collect wood and other materials you gather on the island to build various objects. So if you are trying to get to the top of a house, but there are no steps, you can build your own staircase out of wood. If someone is shooting at you and there is no cover, you can build your own staircase out of the wood that you gather from you arrive to the island.

Fortnite Battle Royale can be tough and quite often frustrating, but if you have a plan and work well with your teammates, success can be achievable. My team tends to take a more conservative approach when playing. So instead of looking for a person to kill, we start off by looking for as many weapons and supplies as possible, and also collect wood, which can prove to come in handy when placed in tough situations. As the forcefield comes, we make sure we are well on our way to the designated part of the island so we don’t get damaged. The key is to stay out of the open field and actively aim for areas where there is cover. If you are with a team, you can work with your teammate(s) to surround enemies or draw them out to your advantage. There are so many different possibilities and strategies you can implement to be successful at this game. And, again, it’s free.

Let me know your thoughts. Have you played Fortnite Battle Royale?

Till next time,


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Get your popcorn ready. Kawhi Leonard is almost ready to return from injury.


San Antonio Spurs fans can finally breathe as their superstar, Kawhi Leonard, is almost set to return from his quad injury. From the start of the season, I was hoping that he wouldn’t be out for too long but with the Spurs keeping tight-lipped regarding his progress it has been difficult to figure out when he would return. With their head coach, Gregg Popovich, finally coming out to say that Kawhi is close to returning, that is a very good sign that there has been significant improvements in his rehab. According to Popovich, Kawhi “is starting to feel in a little bit better shape and feeling more confident.” Of course, Kawhi will have to convince Popovich that he his ready to return before the coach puts his most valuable asset back onto the court.

This is surely great news. From what I’m hearing, Kawhi Leonard should most definitely be back before Christmas. So if you have him in fantasy leagues, now is the time to start considering who you will eventually need to drop to add him back onto your bench from the injured reserved list. Fantasy sports won’t be the only thing heating up as the western conference will become a lot more interesting as contending teams brace for his return.

The Spurs have somehow maintained third place in the western conference with Kawhi out since the start of the season. With no big name player in their lineup in a star-dependent league, it is amazing to still see that TEAMS when games. Not just placing three great players on a team and expect them to be an instant contender. As the great King James once said, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” Popovich has built this Spurs dynasty from the ground up and he has gotten it all figured out. No matter who is in the lineup, he finds a way to win. If Popovich has been able to sustain such a great record with this team so far, imagine how good they are going to be once Kawhi comes back. And with all this talk about the Rockets and Warriors, we need to start talking about adding the Spurs to this conversation.

Yep, get your popcorn ready.



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The Punisher is everything we imagined

Whenever I think of Jon Bernthal, I think of Shane from The Walking Dead. Whenever, I see him on television or in a movie I always yell out, “That’s Shane from The Walking Dead!” It’s so odd that one show can decide how people can identify an actor even years after that person no longer stars on that show. Moving forward, Jon Bernthal is no longer known to me as Shane from The Walking Dead. He is now known to me as Jon Bernthal, one of the best actors in Hollywood.

I recently finished watching The Punisher, and Bernthal crushed it as Frank Castle. From start to finish, he was funny, angry, sad, and even an asshole at times. But everything he did was just perfect. We got a taste of the Frank Castle in Daredevil, and thankfully Netflix transformed the Punisher into it’s own show.

Here is what you need to know

This isn’t a John Wick shoot em up for the entire 40 minutes kind of show. There is strong plot, great drama, and superior acting along with some good action involved. All of which have made The Punisher the best of all the Marvel TV Shows on Netflix.

The show begins post-rampage Frank Castle killing 37 people many of who were involved in the murder of his wife and kids. He is now living under an alias because all except for a few believes he is dead. Otherwise, this would be a Grand Theft Auto scenario and he’ll have 5 stars #CopsEverywhere. Anyway, he tries to live a peaceful, quiet life but trouble just seems to always find this guy, and he is roped back into doing what he does best…punishing? Frank finds out that there are people he used to be close with that were involved in the murder of his wife and kids. So, as you can imagine, all goes crazy from here.

One sub-plot that sticks out to me is that there are several veterans, including Frank, that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a very authentic subject to add, creating a learning moment for the viewers on what some veterans have to endure once they return from oversees. It was very interesting to see how they struggle to fit into society and their belief that the government has no intention on helping them adjust to living in the country they once fought to defend.

What I wasn’t expecting


There are a lot of great characters in this show. Aside from Frank Castle, my favorite was actually the antagonist Billy Russo played by Ben Barnes. He is fun and charismatic, but also cunning and deadly at the same time. He proves to be a worthy foe for Frank Castle and all others that opposed him. The entire time I was binge-watching I kept wondering, where have I seen this guy. After continuously drawing a blank, I looked him up and saw Westworld. It’s very interesting to note that the characters he plays in both shows have very several similarities. At the end I was thinking, this guy needs to be the star of his own TV show.

A couple other notable actors are David Lieberman AKA Micro played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Dinah Madani played by Amber Rose Revah. The tech-savvy Miro becomes very interesting as he teams up with The Punisher, and the show raises the stakes putting his family in danger. Madani is a very interesting character. As a Department of Homeland Security Agent she continues to struggle between what’s right and wrong while her superiors don’t have any issue bending the rules to achieve their own selfish goals.

Overall, this show is a must watch.

Let me know. Did you watch The Punisher or do you plan to?



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Telltale’s Batman keeps getting better

Since playing episode two of this newest season, I have been patiently waiting for episode three to come out as I’ve been constantly checking online for the release date and avoiding watching my favorite YouTubers as they played the game before it officially came out. This morning as I casually checked to see if the game came out, I was happy to see it did! I am a couple days late, but enough with my first-world problems – here are my thoughts on the game.


At the end of Season Two Episode Two, I infiltrated Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Bane’s group. Joker and I were best friends, and I was pretty much Harley Quinn’s lapdog. You know, she says jump and I jump. If she says hit this person, I’m hitting them. Bane and Mr. Freeze are odd, but you have to get used to them. Actually, you’ll never get used to Bane. Someone please get this guy a Xanax. Either way, I had so much fun hanging out with the bad guys that I almost forgot why I was there in the first place, which was…you know what, I won’t spoil this part for you. Play the game and find out!

As episode two ended/episode three began, Selena Kyle AKA Catwoman unexpectedly showed up. So in Telltale games, you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead. I flirted with Catwoman and Harley Quinn (to the dismay of Joker) in the past so I was hoping this didn’t turn into an episode of Jerry Springer. Unfortunately, Catwoman wanted to keep things professional (for the time being) and Harley now wants kill me. Still a little like Jerry Springer but at least no brawl between my acquaintances. Yep, just a day in the life of Bruce Wayne.

The Joker and Bruce Wayne continue to be friends, with him bashing a detective in the head for me and then accepting relationship advice from me. He also was able to have his first real encounter with Batman. As the cape crusader, I was a jerk to Joker but since Batman is his hero, I was able to convince him to try to steal a valuable item from Harley Quinn.

Jim Gordon hated me as Batman and Bruce Wayne in this episode. Unfortunately, our goals do not align so he keeps making it a priority to make both my lives a living hell. Luckily, Amanda Waller is his boss but she is more of a nuisance than he is. My decisions are made literally based on who I do not want to hate me today. And so Gordon hated me today and had GCPD “greet” me as I arrived to work as Bruce Wayne.


Overall, this episode was amazing. Whether I am playing as Batman or Bruce Wayne, each choice I have to make becomes even more stressful than the last time. I do not play this game for the action, which is pretty much non-existent if you are comparing it to non-Telltale Batman games, but I like this as well as other Telltale games for the situations you are placed in and how your decisions affect your character and how others view your character.

This game also does a good job making all of the characters very interesting, even more so than the movies have done. I love the Joker so far. I feel that a big twist is coming and I cannot wait to see it. Also, it appears Harley Quinn has taken a leadership role, which is something I wouldn’t expect over the likes of Bane, Mr. Freeze, or the Joker. And she is doing a good job at it.

Playing this season will make you hate Amanda Waller, if you don’t already do so. She is so easy to hate, but the immoral, selfish, and dangerous things she needs me to do are so much fun. I sometimes feel bad when I side with Waller over Jim Gordon, but as I said, “you gotta do what you gotta do” to get ahead in Telltale games.

Overall, if you play video games and have not played Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within or any Telltale games for that matter, you need to re-evaluate your life and download a game now.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you like this game? How does it compare with other Telltale games?

Yours Truly,


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Let’s be thankful for a rivalry renewed

Playing against OKC would be “just another game,” Kevin Durant said…


Sorry, but in the words of Jay Z, “We don’t believe you, you need more people.” Any game featuring Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will never be just another game. Not after going up on the Warriors 3-1. Not after leaving OKC to then join that team after they came back and beat you.

Last night, I was out bowling with some friends during the game and they had the Warriors-Thunder game playing on the majority of the TVs. And then it happened. They switched all of the monitors to show music videos instead of the basketball game. I was not having it. I went to one of the workers and asked him switch my monitor back to the game. As he walked with me, he whispered, “Fuck the Warriors.”  All I could do is giggle as clearly someone was in their feelings last night. Luckily the Thunder were smoking the Warriors, so he switched my TV back to the game. However, unfortunately for him, just about everyone in the bowling alley then asked him to switch their monitor back to the Warriors-Thunder game. As a sports fan, last night was a game that you did not want to miss.

I knew the Thunder were going to beat the Warriors. But, then again, I always think the Thunder are going to beat Warriors. And it was a very satisfying moment when that wish finally came through. Westbrook was a monster, dominating the game in all aspects. And this time he had help from his new teammates Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. Yes, this was a regular season game and though the only thing damaged were some egos, but this is a very good sign for the NBA. Last night proved that the Warriors are beatable and the Thunder currently have the blueprint to beat them.

This offseason, several teams (like OKC) signed and traded for players with the intent to beat the Warriors in the postseason. However, the start of the season has been a struggle for some as the Warriors are not the only team in the NBA and there are several teams they need to prepare for. But as teams start to get their act together and new teammates become more comfortable with one another, these games will become a lot more interesting. Critics like to say Lebron James has an easy road to the finals every year, but other than facing the Thunder in the playoffs a couple years ago, the Warriors road to the finals has been just as easy.  Barring another cheap shot by Zaza Pachulia, the Warriors will have their hands full in the playoffs by several Western conference teams that are geared up to beat them. As Westbrook told Durant last season, “I’m coming.” Yes, he is. And so is the rest of the league.

I hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving. It’s warm out here in Miami so I am headed to the beach.

Till next time.


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My Top 5 favorite players to watch so far this NBA season

Besides some injuries (Kawhi…still waiting), this has been a fun NBA season so far. Super Teams are proving not to be as “super” as we once thought they would be. The Celtics are continuing to tease Boston fans into thinking they will reach the NBA Finals this year. And there are players who are straight up balling right now.

I’ve complied a short list of players that are fun to watch so far this season. These guys are not necessarily my favorite players or my ranking of the best players in the league, but they are certainly surpassing expectations and wreaking havoc on the league in their own way.

Here you go:

5. Kristaps Porzingis


As a native New Yorker,  it brings me great pride and joy to see Kristaps Porzingis give us hope in the post-Melo era. Porzingis is playing like he’s from another planet right now. He has all the tools to be one of the best players in the league, and he plays for the Knicks. Now let’s all please knock on wood as this is the New York Knicks we are talking about. Averaging more than 27 points a game, Porzingis has lead the Knicks to their best start in recent memory. Dare I say playoffs? Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves but this guy definitely has the Knicks headed in the right direction.

4. Kyle Kuzma


I am so proud to say I drafted Kyle Kuzma in my 12-team fantasy draft, and yes I will go out of my way to remind you all of this all season long. There has been so much hype around him since the pre-season and he has not disappointed, unlike his teammate Lonzo Ball. Kuzma started the season coming off of the bench and has eased his way into the Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup. He is averaging around 16 points and 7 rebounds and, at power forward, can consistently score from deep. As a rookie, he is unexpectedly looking like the future for the Lakers and is quickly making his case for the Rookie of the Year Award.

3. James Harden


James Harden has been going hard…on offense. Okay, though he doesn’t play defense and has a coach that’s mostly known for offense, Harden does not disappoint when he steps onto the court. There used to be a debate on who is the top shooting guard in the league. Since Klay Thompson is a great two-way player, he has always been towards the top of the list. There is no longer a debate. Harden can score on anyone and has become one of the best passers in the league. First, Stephen Curry and then Russell Westbrook passed him over for MVP but this has to be his year.

2. Ben Simmons


Ben Simmons is the future. It might be a blessing in disguise that he was injured all of last season so he can become more NBA ready without having to showcase his skills too early and reveal any major weaknesses. His playmaking and ability to run the floor and get to the rim sets him apart from any rookie and already most players in the league. Averaging 18 points 9 rebounds and 8 assists, Simmons is looking like a future top player in the NBA.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo


Giannis for MVP? At the very least he will give Harden a run for his money. The Greek Freak is leading the Milwaukee Bucks to be a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference. Now averaging 30 points and 10 rebounds a game, he has gotten better every year and he is only 22. Sky. Is. The. Limit. Now that the Bucks acquired Eric Bledsoe, Giannis finally has a decent player at his side so it will be interesting to see if he can maintain this pace or if his numbers will start to decrease as the Bucks continue to surround him with better talent.

Though he did not make the list, Russell Westbrook is my favorite player. I’m sure as he begins to figure things out with Melo and PG3, and Lebron and the Cavs finally get serious, this list will likely see some changes.

Let me know..what would your list look like?

As always,


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Netflix ruined a good Anime

Over the years, Netflix has become one of the most popular methods to watch television and movies. With so many viewers, Netflix has decided to come out with several Netflix Original movies and television shows. And Netflix has delivered greatness to us such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, House of Cards, and Marvel TV Shows (Daredevil, The Defenders, The Punisher, etc.) With these shows, and then some, Netflix got it right. Great actors, action, and drama – everything needed to appeal to fans. However, when it comes to creating content based on already established Anime, Netflix has missed the mark. Below is my review on a recent Netflix adaptation of a very popular Anime TV Series.



I, like many, was excited to see that Netflix came out with a DeathNote film. As a huge fan of the Anime, I was anxious to see Netflix’s adaptation of the show. However, once I saw it, I was truly disappointed. My sadness almost turned into anger because Netflix almost ruined that Anime for me. To start, they changed the protagonist Light Yagami’s name to Light Turner. Of all the unnecessary things, did you have to change the last name of this dynamic character because it was Japanese? Speaking of dynamic, that was everything Light Turner was not in this film. In the Anime, Light Yagami is a genius, clever, arrogant, competitive. In Netflix’s version, Light Turner appears to be average in every way. And the same could be said for the character who plays L. He’s supposed to be just as smart or even smarter than Light, but in the film both characters seem to be two overhyped individuals, weakened by their emotions, as they attempt to “outsmart” one another.

The most exciting sequences in the DeathNote Anime is the back and forth Light and L go through in trying to figure out each other’s identity. In the movie, both appear to be very emotional and never in control. The characters are just less superior compared to their Anime counterparts. Additionally, Ryuk’s personality is scary in the movie as opposed to the comedic aspect he brought to the Anime. A monster that came across as funny and laid back seemed a lot more interesting to follow rather than your stereotypical monster with a scary personality. And then there is Mia. She is not in the Anime, but undoubtedly the most interesting character in the movie.  She has thicker skin and more resolve than Light and at times I was thinking I would rather see her with the DeathNote over Light Turner.

I get it, with this being a movie there is only so much time allotted to tell the story. However, if you can’t do something right don’t do it at all. As I was watching the movie, I seriously wondered if the writers and producers actually watched the Anime before creating the movie. Something I highly doubt. Please, Netflix, think carefully before you ruin our Anime. If something like this were done to favorites such as One Piece, Naruto, or Fullmetal Alchemist, everyone would riot. Fair warning.

I think IMDb also agrees with my assessment…

DeathNote (Anime) IMDb Rating – 9.0/10

DeathNote (Netflix Film) IMDb Rating – 4.6/10

Let me know your thoughts. Are one of the many very disappointed with Netflix’s remake of DeathNote? Or do you think they got it right.



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